The GSP Conundrum: Why the champ must come to a decision

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December 11, 2013 by chrismarzella13


It’s just over three weeks since UFC welterweight champion, Georges St.Pierre dropped the bombshell that he wanted to take time away from the sport for personal reasons.

Since that post fight interview, just minutes after GSP took a severe beating (and somehow clung on to his title) at the hands of challenger Johny Hendricks, fans and media alike have been clambering to discover the real reason behind GSP’s decision and to find out if he actually means it.

Canadian French language newspaper Le Journal de Montreal broke news that GSP is set to officially announce his intentions going forward at a press conference on Friday in Quebec.

So, what options does the champ have open to him at this point?

Some have suggested that he could take anything from a year up to two years off. That’s GSP’s prerogative. However, if this is what he opts for then it only seems fair that he vacates the welterweight title. Essentially, what he would be doing is putting the full division on ice, meaning that any fights between the top contenders would be rendered meaningless in the grand scheme of things until the champion decided to come back into action. If he intends on taking upwards of a year away from the sort then he really needs to vacate the title and move along.

If this is his preferred option it could potentially work out perfectly for the UFC. Matt Brown this past week withdrew from his upcoming fight with Carlos Condit. That leaves open the possibility of a fight between Johny Hendricks and Condit for the vacant title.

One alternative is that GSP decides to took a shorter hiatus. Well, then it all boils down to how long he wants to take off. As I already mentioned anywhere upwards of a year then it is in the best interest of all involved, well except for GSP, for him to vacate. As a champion, you simply cannot walk away from the sport for any sustained length if time and still keep your title. Only an injury should be enough to allow a champion to take off that kind of time with being stripped, just ask Dominick Cruz.

The third, and what may very well be the most likely outcome, is that GSP calls time on his accomplished career. Why go to the hassle of scheduling a press conference to announce you’re taking say six months off? Who would even have noticed? It is, therefore, vital that the record is put straight one way or the other.

St.Pierre is under no obligation to announce to the world what his problems actually are, that’s his business. What he has to do though is make it crystal clear if he is sticking around or walking away, until such time the welterweight division, at least at the top end, is on ice.

One thing that can be guaranteed from the announcement this coming Friday is that virtually nobody will agree with the outcome.

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